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Our Action Plan

Establish Spanish-Speaking Villages

Our founder, Manuel Acevedo, is from Spain and has noticed that there are currently no Villages in the United States that operate in Spanish. This excludes a large number of Americans that speak Spanish in their own homes and may not speak English. We are committed to the ideal that Villages should not only be available to those that speak a certain language. Our partner, Helpful Village, has translated its entire Village-friendly software into Spanish

Using this Spanish translation we plan to establish our country's first Spanish Language Village. We plan to do so by partnering with Hispanic and Latino Community Centers. We plan to first target the state of California, with its large Spanish speaking population. From there we hope to spread this across the country in order to reach those that previously have not had access to the universal benefits of Villages. 


Establish Villages in More Diverse Communities

We aim to work with governmental agencies across the country to acquire funding and grants to establish Villages in communities that wouldn’t previously have had access to this resource. Our pilot program will focus on selecting community managers, volunteers in charge of recruiting members and beginning operations. Subsidies will allow for unprecedented and widespread access to community and life-changing resources. 


These Villages will quickly become self-sufficient and pay back subsidies in form of reduced medicaid costs as member health improves. The scientifically proven dangers of social isolation will be overcome and in turn will better healthcare outcomes of these communities. In the long run Villages will be available across the country, in every community. 


Continued Research Regarding Village Outcomes

We will continue to partner with leading researchers across the country in order to analyze the efficiency of Villages. Historically there has been no data in order to prove the effectiveness of Villages in low income communities. However, as we begin to spread the Movement we will use data acquired to prove what we already know, that Villages change the lives of every single member included. 


The research we conduct will lead in turn to more governmental funding, more Villages, and increased equity in Villages affect the lives of those who we hold dear.

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Everything we do at Villages for All is driven by our knowledge that Villages are the absolute best aging model. We are saddened by the historical lack of diversity in Villages, as the needs fulfilled by Villages are universal. We are committed to a more equitable future for older adults across the country. Our action plan will not happen all at once, but we know that as it does happen it will make impacts in countless lives. 

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