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Success Stories

We are very proud of our efforts and our collaboration with Helpful Village. On this page you will find a few of our successes. We truly appreciate everybody's efforts to make aging in place a more inclusive space for all


Capture Socioeconomic data


In collaboration with a Village in California and Helpful Village we have include socioeconomic data: gender, race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity fields with inclusive options for all. These fields are used to identify volunteers and members. Using the information obtained we are able to better understand the positive effect that Villages have on historically marginalized communities


City of Columbus, OH

The city of Columbus has been extremely forward thinking in their approach to the Village Movement. They have worked with us to create a network of Villages specialized in serving racially and ethnically diverse communities. 7 Villages in the Columbus area have begun to use our partner software, Helpful Village in their search of healthy aging at home! We are very proud of the work this city has done and look to replicate it across the country. 



The San Diego LGBT Community Center


Helpful Village and Villages for All have partnered with the San Diego LGBT Community Center in order to establish an LGBT+ friendly Village in this beautiful coastal city. Historically Villages have no commonly served those in this community. We are proud to have worked with the Community Center and hope that their model of inclusivity can be replicated nationwide


Spanish Translation

We have worked with Helpful Village to translate their Village-centric software into Spanish. This project has been undertaken with the goal of establishing the first primarily Spanish speaking Village in the country. The invaluable support of Helpful Village will allow simple access to the best of Village resources. 



Kingdom Care Senior Village


We have recently started working with Kingdom Care Senior Village in Washington DC. We are thrilled about this partnership and excellent example of diversity in the Village Movement. Through their example we have better understood the importance of pre-existing faith communities in the Village Movement. We have also learned from their relationship with the collective group of DC Villages.

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