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Our Mission

Villages have proven to be the most efficient methodology for healthy aging. Scientific studies have concluded that Villages fulfill the most basic human needs for purpose, community, and autonomy. The Village Model allows Older Adults to age in the comforts of their own home surrounded by a community of people passing through experiences similar to them. 

Although Villages fulfill universal needs they are not universally available. Historically Villages have been reserved for primarily white, upper-class older adults. Here at Healthy Aging Villages for All we aim to expand access to Villages across the country. We stand firm in the belief that every single Older Adult deserves to age with dignity and grace, Villages provide that opportunity. We are committed to establishing and supporting Villages in historically underprivileged communities. 

Click below for more information about the Village Movement and what Villages are!

We believe that all older adults deserve to age comfortably.

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Our Vision

To establish Villages in an equitable manner across America so that ALL Older Adults can age in the comfort of their own homes with a little help from their neighbors

Our Mission

Our Mission

We aim to make it easy, affordable, and viable to establish Villages in diverse communities across America. We do so by targeting ideal communities, working with local governments and community leaders, and implementing state-of-the-art technology to run the Villages.

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