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President Biden Recognizes Village Vaccine Efforts

Village Members enjoy a photo-op with our country’s President

In a visit to Raleigh, North Carolina President Joe Biden spoke regarding vaccination efforts in the state. Raleigh Village East had members in attendance and were honored by the recognition of their vaccination efforts in their community.

President Biden spoke of the importance of extending vaccination opportunities to those in marginalized communities. Older adults are one of the most at-risk groups to the dangerous effects of COVID-19 and with an increased number of highly infectious variants it remains highly important that we push for our Older Adults to be vaccinated.

At Villages for All we are grateful for Villages across the country and their efforts to ensure the safety and protection of their members. Vaccination efforts are Village Members at the Gathering

critical in all communities. We are especially

grateful for those that work to support those in marginalized communities. Raleigh Village East is a great example of a Village dedicated to equity in access to resources.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be tapering off, there is still a large danger for a large portion of our population. We support and encourage all vaccination efforts and invite Villages to work together with community members to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to be vaccinated. This great recognition from President Biden represents the hard work of many, yet there is still much to do.

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